Visiting Eastern State Penitentiary

Eastern State Penitentiary was at one point the largest prison in the United States, and I, seeing this site on a ghost fan website, decided I must go when I drove to Vermont.   These are the photographs from that visit.  To me, they represent a part of history that wasn’t the best for prisoners, it was a time when prisoners were confined to their small space and didn’t much see each other until the later years of the prison being open.  Doing solitary all the time, taken out with bags over their heads…it wasn’t a very pleasant place to be, and you weren’t really a pleasant person if you were in this prison, but it still would have been dreadful.

And it’s hard to imagine these doors being closed and filled with inmates, since what you see now is paint chipping away, rust collecting, and dust that has settled.  But it does give off an eerie feeling as you look down the long deserted hallways.  Like there is just something that is going to pop right out of a doorway.

I found it utterly fascinating and thrilling.  Just my type of thing 🙂

Anyway, these are available as art prints here.  To learn more about this prison, feel free to click this link to go to the website.



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