van Gum – a Nod to Impressionism

I know I mentioned previously my materials assignment in my 3D class, but I really haven’t had the time to post about it.  I did make the other post about the second part of this assignment, Sticky, so I’m following it up with this one.

One of my great loves in art is painting.  I’m not good at it YET, but I will be.  I love brush strokes.  I love going to an art museum and getting as close as possible to look at the strokes, I’m not sure why.  Which always leads me to Impressionism.  Vincent van Gogh is one of my favorite painters, alongside Manet (Olympia is my favorite of his work).  It’s the sense of knowing what things are, but it being slightly abstract and imperfect, the closeness to realism with the softness of a dream, that’s what draws me.  My favorite van Gogh painting is Wheatfield with Crows, and it was this painting that inspired this piece, albeit loosely.  What I wanted to do was recreate his painting in 3D format, using gum, and figure out how to get my brushstrokes of gum to be realistic.

It took quite a few tries to manipulate the gum the way I wanted, and getting colors was even more difficult.  Paint, you see, only clumps up when you mix it with gum, and I refused to paint over the gum strokes.  So I had to do a series of trial and error to get the right consistency and colors.   Then the metal was unwieldy, terrible really, and I would probably do this with another type of backdrop in future pieces.

So I ended up with a flower.  A four foot by four foot painted gum and metal flower.   Although my daughter says it’s the Sun, and I guess it depends on the person viewing the piece.  I have to thank my amazing Professor, Gina Thompson, who kind of gives you this base and tells you to dream up the rest.  She shared some of her gallery work and it was wonderful to hear her talk about the things that have been important factors in her life.  I LOVE classes like this. It’s been so hard for me to decide whether to continue the Photography route for my BFA or to pursue sculpture, this calls to my heart unbelievably so.

Anyway, here’s what it looks like 🙂



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