Sticky – A Collage of Items

This is currently on exhibit at Georgia State – Dunwoody Campus.  It is one half of my materials sculpture project.

Gum is a funny thing, it’s chewy, sticky, and not really considered a sculpture material.  For my first installment, I composed six frames each containing an item and strategically placed chewed gum.  As a whole, this piece is representative of seeing the bigger picture and not necessarily being so concerned with Earthly belongings or appearances.  Not being one for religion, but wanting to know fate, this theme is very important in my work.  Each piece of this installation has its own identity and materials, and each is framed with the gum we find at the counters when we check out at stores:

This series is meant to explore our devotion to material items instead of life.  Of how we worry about the silliest of things, when the bigger picture is how we are, who we are, and how we live our lives.

Makeover – This piece is an image of the Mona Lisa, with gum thumbed over her face.  Perhaps, because we love Mona Lisa so much, and because she’s worth so much, that the idea of gum on her face is just blasphemous. This represents our outward idea of self worth, and of other’s worth based on how we appear to people.  What would happen if we didn’t see the outward appearance?


By the Seat of My Pants – As a woman, the worst thing that can happen is having an accident showing on your pants.  We have all experienced the mortification of this happening, and this chewed piece of gum represents this part of our cycle as women.  Perhaps we should embrace ourselves as we are, how our bodies work and have more understanding for when this does happen to a girl.


Girls Just Wanna have Gum –  Well worn, high heeled stilettos in white are surrounded by peppermint pieces of gum in both blue and sparkled white, indicative of having a blast on the town.  This is a representation of inconvenience and of slowing down.  We are always on the go as a society, and this piece is about stopping to re-asses our lives and priorities.


Anxiety, Who? – Selected for its endearing qualities, this book is a guide to helping relieve anxiety for those of us who suffer from this emotion.  Except this book isn’t really legible in it’s current gummed up state, and the more you try to turn the pages the more frustrated you will get.  Not everything goes according to plan, and the frustration that we can experience has to be worked through to get to a better place.  The border gum frame is made of Fruit Stripes, the kind we used to get at Toys-R-Us, chosen for it’s erratic lines and colors.


Hair, Tangled – What every woman loves, a wad of gum in her hair.  Beauty is such a coveted trait in our culture, and hair is essential to our appearances.  This piece represents the idea that we adapt to things that happen to us and sometimes a cut is needed in our lives.  The frame consists of Big League Chew, the bits reminding us of cut hair, or things we have left behind.

Finally, the sixth piece in my collection;

Revelations 22:22­ ­– This unadorned, plainly framed slip of paper is perhaps the most important of the series.  It is meant to be apart from the other five, less colorful and unremarkable.  Revelations 22:22 reads the date of the destruction of Earth and of man, and yet covered by gum in the most important part.  The year.   In my version of the Bible, the book of Revelations ends 22:21, so this verse is from my imagination.  A reminder of the importance of being alive, of living and being grateful for being here on Earth.

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