Lisa & Family

This session is a story.  First, we went to perhaps the busiest place on the planet (which I didn’t consider when we picked the area).  Second, my daughter came with my niece who had to go chase her around the greenway.  What I didn’t consider was that the subject of my focus (the main star of the photo shoot) would have the same idea as my daughter.  Run around like a madwoman. Seriously, just like my daughter.  Which I love.

And poor Dad had to run her down, I don’t think I’ve ever felt so bad in my life hahaha.

This sweet girl was a peanut when I met her, and she’s blossomed into this incredibly active, funny, sweet toddler.  I’m completely blown away by her.

Lisa, thank you for believing in me.  I think some of these just turned out incredible, regardless of how incredibly active we were.



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