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This past semester I’ve been really working hard on other artistic avenues.  I am currently enrolled at GSU, finishing my BFA in Photography.  What this means for all of you fans when I finish is that I want to teach Photography and make art in all forms.  No worries though, this is a little ways off so I’ll be around for a bit longer to capture sweet family photographs.

Drawing has never been my strong suite, in fact, when I started this class I was a bit worried that I’d be behind.  And it truly felt that way.  I had a really great professor though, Angus Galloway, who really pushed all of us to try hard.  The level of talent in that class was out of this world.  When Angus gave me the middle piece of our collaborative drawing (there were nine pieces) I really didn’t believe I could make it happen.  But I did.

Here is a bit of my work and some snippets of our collaborative project.  You will see more later – from the GSU Art Show.

A huge thanks to Professor Galloway!



Magical Things

Self Portrait – Things that are Me

Under the Sea

Bone Studies

The Middle Piece – Collaboration (In Progress)

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