Emily & Family

I love when people win mini sessions I’ve given away. It’s kind of like a surprise grab bag for me, I never know who I’m going to meet. And it’s not like people contact me right away for a session when they win it, I’ve had people contact me years later, which is why I currently have a handy spreadsheet with those outstanding winners.

Anyhow, I met Emily and her family on a beautiful day in March, I think it rained that day, but by the time I got to her and her family it was gorgeous. And they were such a radiant family. I think when people meet me initially, they aren’t really sure what to expect, but by the time five minutes has passed they understand that we are going to have a marvelous time.

This was the case on this photo shoot as well. Emily, you four are so very happy. I enjoyed meeting you and hope I get to see you again!



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