Daisy Awards – Roswell/Alpharetta/Milton Most Loved Photographer

Well how COOL is this!?!?!  I was just voted the most loved photographer in the Roswell/Alpharetta area.  That is the neatest thing ever.  I always tell people I’m usually the bridesmaid and not the bride, but most of the time I’m a-okay with that, it just makes me work harder for the things that I want in my life.

So enter validation.  Validation that I am doing something right in this photography career of mine.  The pat on the back from so many people who love me so much, that they took time out to vote for me (how I even got on the ballot I’m still wondering!).  Me!  Little Ol’ Me!

So thank you Macaroni Kid, I’m so excited to be bestowed with this honor.  Check out the other winners and keep current on the goings on in Roswell/Alpharetta/Milton here at their website.

Thank you to those of you who love me enough to make this happen!



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