Breyerfest 2018 – Kentucky Horse Park

This year, we took a trip to Breyerfest, in Lexington Kentucky, at the Kentucky Horse Park.  It’s the company that makes those amazing horse models, the ones that look real and are hand painted and just look incredible.  I found out where the event was taking place a few months ago and decided that we should go see what it was about since our daughter has a great love of horses.

She had a blast.  I was surprised at how big the park was – how spread out the event was.  Although there were a ton of cars and people it never seemed overly crowded, and waiting in lines for the pony rides or the carousel were never an issue.  Which was great because we spent a lot of time at those two.   We didn’t spend much time in the covered arena (I wish we would have seen more shows) because she just wanted to see all the horses in the park.  We did get to paint Mini Whinnies each day, which are these cute little white models made specifically for painting, but forgot to pick ours up on Sunday sadly.  There were Breyer models everywhere, I’ve never seen so many – I think we came home with more than we bargained for, but she loves them all.  I even bought one for myself, called Inari, an elk (not a horse) that I fell in love with instantly.  We didn’t check out the model showings because a four year old thinks they can touch things, and I thought it might be more than she could handle.

Artistically speaking I loved seeing the 10×10 inch dioramas, creations that included models, but were creatively crafted into scenes.  I didn’t have my camera that day, but hopefully Breyer will post some photos of the winners – they were really quite clever.  If we go back next year, which I think we will, I’d like to enter this contest.

Speaking of scenes, let me talk just a second about the horse park itself.  I think our favorite barn was the Big Barn – which housed a lot of draft horses like Clydesdales and Percherons to name a few.  The Kentucky Horse Park has quite a few barns/stalls to explore; the Kids Barn, Mounted Police Barn, The Parade of Breeds, The Hall of Champions – where you meet retired derby racers/winners, as well as numerous stalls around the park.  We met so many wonderful owners and organizations that were willing to let our kiddo touch their horses, teach them a bit of horse information, feed them, and answer a million questions.  People like Trixie Chicks Trick RidersRocking R Rhythm RidersTennessee Walking Horse Breeders’ & Exhibitors’ Association , The American Sugarbush Harlequin Draft Association, Kimberlake Farm, and so many more.  We did meet a lovely lady from Texas who answered a ton of questions, and I think she was with the Walking Horse association, but I’m not certain – special thanks to her.

Also on the park grounds is the International Museum of the Horse, which was very interesting, though the time we spent reading was limited since someone was on the move.  There is an area in the museum where the children can sit down and touch this lamp, which changes colors and tells different stories about horses.  We stayed there for a bit of time.  It was fascinating, the historical path of horses, and I wish I would have had time to explore the museum without interruption.

Anyway, a huge thanks to both Breyer and the Kentucky Horse Park for giving us so many memories.  We’ll be back!

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