When we were on our way to Helen, Kate and I passed this sign for zip lining.  After driving about 500 feet from the sign, we both looked at each other and said basically at the same time, we’d always wanted to do that.

I turned Oliver around.

It’s funny.  We are close to ten years apart, but the two of us read each other so easily.  We share common interests, along with our middle sister Dayle, but she lives so far away.  Kate and I know when each other wants to leave if we are at a venue, make some of the same jokes, think the same things – we are really in tune with each other, sometimes it’s almost eerie.

Anyway, here are some photographs from the zip lining adventure we wandered into 🙂  So much fun.  Thanks to ZipnTime for the fun!

Now if I can only convince her to skydive with me. Oh ya!



I am such a dork.  Our guide Dane, who I am ta da’ing above  (I hope I remember your name correctly) had to put up with the two of us…he deserves a medal.  🙂

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