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The other day, I stopped by the mall and went to the Papyrus store.  It’s this great little paper store that I sometimes browse whenever I leave for lunch from work.

They typically have really cool wrapping paper, but it was exceptionally cool this time around.  I bought three sheets, two of Paris and one a collage of travel logos:

Sometimes, the simplest things can be turned into art – and these are no exceptions.  I just needed a little creativity (I have plenty) and a little bit of manual labor.  I went into a bunch of closets and collected all the old wooden picture frames I had floating around with no pictures in them, painted them a nice white and WA LA!  Art!

Check these out:

Not sure about the last two – I think I’m going to put the map in the green/brown frame and then cut up the Eifel Tower wrapping paper in different sections in black frames…  I left it alone for now, will revisit probably middle of the week.

On another note – I painted today – something to be mailed – I wonder what the postal workers will think:

When I had Mary’s party, one of our good friends (someone close to Mary & I) told me I should join her for paint lessons.  She said I could be learn a lot after she saw my 3′ x 6′ board paintings on the wall.  You should have seen her stuff, it was just amazing – she was showing me on her iPhone – I was elated that she was so talented (funny things you find out about people you’ve known for a long time).

I’ll check in later with another garden grows update!



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