Welcome to the World Mary Ellis

This family is one of my most favorite.  I think it’s because we just get along so well.  I have a special bond with their oldest Beckett and I just love capturing his very animated personality.  Combine that with the fact that whenever I photograph them I just feel like I’m visiting family.

They recently added a sweet little girl to the mix. Here she is in all of her sweetness.

mary-ellis-2016-185Of course, her siblings are in love with her

mary-ellis-2016-14mary-ellis-2016-175mary-ellis-2016-27mary-ellis-2016-38mary-ellis-2016-55When baby is getting changed, this beautiful sweet girl Nora Kate takes the stage.  She was all smiles and bows for me (like usual!!)


When we were waiting for Mary Ellis to finish eating, Beckett doned his superman outfit and we proceeded to fly around (okay, so maybe it was jumping on the bed)…mary-ellis-2016-107mary-ellis-2016-92mary-ellis-2016-136mary-ellis-2016-157mary-ellis-2016-161mary-ellis-2016-201mary-ellis-2016-204

Congrats to you all.  She’s gorgeous and I’m so thrilled to watch her grow up!

Lots of Love,


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