This was going to be such a long story – but I haven’t time to type it all out right now.  So I’m going to make it short and then type a really long explanation (probably tomorrow).

Tonight, I’m headed to the volunteer orientation at the Shepherd Center in Atlanta.  I ran out of my house this morning without the bag I had prepped with my notepad and other things that probably aren’t needed (always going overboard here).  But that’s okay – I just wanted to post and say how very excited I am about tonight.  About having the opportunity to help someone in whatever capacity I am able to give.

I’m sure all the details will work themselves out – like days of the week, etc – and what exactly I’ll be doing.  Suffice it to say that it’s something that I think will make me a bit more whole as a person.  It means a lot to me to help people – and Haiti is a long ways away – so focusing here in Atlanta will be great.

There’s someone to thank for this path – but that will have to be in the longer version.  I’ll check in tomorrow!



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