Vermont Wildflower Farm

I left Shelburne Farms and headed South a bit to the Vermont Wildflower Farm.  It’s this two story red house on the side of the road, fenced off and surrounded (well at the time) by Black Eyed Susan’s; which are beautiful vibrant yellowish orange wildflowers.  Funny enough, my favorite wildflower is called Queen Anne’s Lace, which was everywhere in Vermont – you’ll see it in some of my Side of the Road pictures.

They had a ton of seeds, every wildflower imaginable.  I bought several then went out to take some pictures.  They have a quarter mile walk through the woods, a small wetland area, and a field to show off some of the wildflowers.  Since everything bloomed early this year I only caught the tail end of the season…darn it!

Anyway, it was lovely.  I came away with Baby Blue Eyes, Forget-Me-Nots, Sweet Alyssum (this used to grow like crazy in California) and a Southeast mix.  I can’t wait for the Spring!!



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