Vanessa & Family

Vanessa IS incredible, seriously.  She asked me to come to her house to take pictures, and normally, while I do newborn photography at houses, I’m not a fan of it for family pictures ONLY because I like kids to have some running freedom.  Sometimes getting away from whats normal is good, they can explore and I can get creative and get real smiles from them.

So when Vanessa asked me to come to her house, I said yes and took a chance.  But when I got there I was so excited.  I had no idea she was in the realty business, nor did I know that she also redesigns homes from the inside out.  Vanessa, You Are So Talented.

I’m in awe.  Anyway, the pictures turned out wonderful, and the smiles that we got that day were worth it.  We truly needed some that day.

Lots of Love,



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