11th Annual Travis Roy Foundation Wiffleball Tournament

Normally I do a blog in typical blog fashion, but this one will be a little different.  I travelled to Jericho, Vermont this past weekend to capture some photographs of the 11th Annual Travis Roy Foundation Wiffleball Tournament – and I have never experienced something so down to earth, uplifting, humbling, peaceful, an event that makes you think about how the little things can add up to such big things.  This wiffleball tournament is a huge fundraiser for the Travis Roy Foundation, it’s proceeds go to support those with Spinal Cord Injuries and to further support research so that hopefully there will be a breakthrough for those waiting patiently with these injuries.

To those of you who don’t know what the Travis Roy Foundation does or who Travis Roy is – please click on the links after you read this and check out the photographs.

Instead of blogging, I wanted to write a letter to those I came in contact with – to those who have changed my life.  So here goes…

Dear Everyone,

I can’t begin to describe the overwhelming feeling one gets when on the Little Fenway field, watching an incredible event take place for such a great cause.  There are so many moments that I’d like to stop and comment on, but to get to each and every one of them would take me at least a week, if not longer.  So, I’ll start at the top and work my way through bit by bit, and try desperately to keep this to a minimum (as well as keeping the tears to a minimum).

First, to Travis, who said I would absolutely fit in – you were so right, in so many surprising ways.  I’m so glad I finally got to meet you – As I watched everyone around the field come and greet you, I realized there are just so many people you inspire and I’m not sure you realize what an incredible person you are…it’s your determination and positivity that makes others move mountains for your foundation…or maybe it’s your smile.  I simply can’t decide which.

Second, to Pat & Beth, who opened their fields up to me and let me come all the way to Vermont to capture the event – who gave me Almost Legendary to photograph here in Atlanta – thank you both.  I swear Beth, your hug was the biggest Vermont hug I’ve experienced – and it had to positively be the best welcome present.  I know you loved your photographs of Brian – I was so excited that you were excited about them!  I’ll try to catch him again so I can send you some more.

Third, to the Quinn family.  I didn’t realize when I randomly chose Cameron to drive donations to here in Atlanta, I would be choosing such a great family to get involved with.  We laughed about my obsession with refreshing his donation page, but I’m so glad to know I wasn’t the only one doing it.  I know you weren’t expecting me at the fields, but it brought such joy to my heart to see recognition on your face Sam – and getting a Cursed Lifted Generations jersey was just the coolest thing ever…it’s my very first one.  I know we’ll keep in touch, lots of love to you all.

Fourth, to Cursed Lifted Generations – thank you so much for including me, accepting me in the fold.  Everyone is going to see that I shot the most pictures of our team, but that’s because I’m biased, ahh well!  I love how this team is formed, with generations of family.  It’s exactly where I’d like to be if I were going to choose a team to be on.  Maybe next year I can do more than take some pictures!!

Finally, to the TRF members/volunteers/ball players/spectators – you are such special, wonderful, amazing people to pull all this off – it’s quite amazing to think of the final count – what was it $427,000 raised??  Unbelievable.  Just think of all the people this will help, all the research this will fund…YAY!

Belinda, Sue, Marge, Christina, Nina, Jennifer, Jane (the best photog at the fields) – it was so wonderful to meet all of you…and now we’re connected!!

To the mom who was dragging her son around the bases – I’ll always remember his laughter, unbridled and happy – and everytime I look at the pictures I took I shed a few tears.  So incredibly sweet.

To those of you reading this blog – even if you don’t support this cause, and you should, honestly, seriously…(learn more!!) – find out how you can help out and donate your time to organizations around you.  And if you’d like to support me in the upcoming tournament, please click here!!

Enjoy the photographs!  There are a lot more posted on Facebook, these are just some of my favorites!



P.S.  On a side note, if you are looking to purchase any of these photographs, we are working to upload them to a site that will benefit the TRF – I’d like for all proceeds to go directly to the foundation, but we have to figure out logistics!  I’ll keep everyone posted!



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