When I was little, my dad always had trains around.  Toy trains, set up on tracks that would go round and round and round.  I loved them.

For some reason, we always lived near railroads as well – this probably plays into why I’ve such a love for these big machines…I love everything about them.

When I went to Helen with my sis Kate, there was a cute little German family, the husband an avid train collector and builder.  Inside his home/store, was a sign and beyond that was a wonderland of an exhibit.  A small town nextled amongst winding tracks while trains shuttered by.

These photographs remind me of a tilt shift lens, although I don’t have one of those (yet), and I thought I’d share my love of trains with you all.




P.S.  That’s me on the left and Kate on the right…just loved trains 🙂

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