Tiffany vs. Ricky – Playoff’s in Piedmont Park

Well, well, well.  I can finally say that I have shot a couple who totally gets football.  I mean, I don’t get football…or basket ball……or errrr baseball – I’m really an uncoordinated person (Hello Broken Toes)…

But Tiffany and Ricky – well, they aren’t uncoordinated.  Not only do they have a complete talent for hiking and tackling but they also gave me the honor of photographing their amazing engagement photographs.  AND I will be capturing their wedding as well – I’m SUPER stoked…I mean it.  These two were so down to earth from the get go, smiling and relaxed.  I was completely enamored of these two, the love they had for each other, but also the quiet strength and gentle funny moments the two made in front of my camera.

Both are quick to smile and laugh, quick to hug and cuddle…it’s just the perfect recipe for great engagement shots.

I have to say I’m quite taken with these…



HAHAHA – That one makes me crack up!!

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