This Week – May 31st

I met Kevin and his family on a super bright, hot day and we just had a blast. I had mom and dad bump butts to make the kids laugh, and not only did it make them laugh but they jumped up and bumped butts too.

In other news, this little guy just didn’t want to smile for me. Which I heard was pretty usual for him, just not for me so I made his dad get him about ten million times. Luckily, his sister just adores me, so we got plenty of great shots between mom, dad, and sister helping out 🙂

I did a few nature/flower shots while waiting on clients. I thought some of these were super pretty so I wanted to include them here 🙂

And this guy! Oh my goodness. These boys. I LOVE this family and I adore the pictures we got welcoming this handsome guy into the fold. I am so happy for you four 🙂

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