Theatre Breaks Loose in Atlanta

I thought I’d do a secondary post about my recent Masquerade trip and blog about Theatre Breaks Loose just because I have gotten such an overwhelming response from their pictures – I’m pretty sure people love them!

Also, they have been so extremely cool in the aftermath of posting these on Facebook that I thought I’d give them a little more web space.

When I was taking pictures of the merchandise at the show, there was this guy sitting on a stool where the tees/stickers were.  I asked if I could take pictures – and he said Yeah! – do whatever you want, but let me get out of the picture!  So he moved to the side and I snapped a few of them.  I didn’t realize this was the lead singer of Theatre Breaks Loose, Brandon – who by the way puts on a fantastic show as the front man.

It’s no wonder that the crowd loves this band.  It’s too bad they are all the way in Oklahoma – otherwise I’d be pestering them to let me shoot all the time!






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