The Zoo 2013

I love the zoo, the fondest memories I have of a zoo are from the San Francisco zoo.  Here in Atlanta, we have this great Zoo that I go to every once in a blue moon – just somewhere to go whenever I might be going.

Dawn Seabrook, a fellow photog, and I, met up at the Zoo a weekend or so ago – and we had a blast.  It’s always nice to catch up with people I went to school with, share ideas and stories, successes and failures as photographers.  And Dawn is one of the most charming people you’ll ever meet.  I just adore her.  Her laugh is infectious and I find myself happier when I’m near her.  I think most people who meet her would say the same thing.

Anyway, here are the photographs from our trip to the Zoo…by the way, I must note, this year was the first year I have gone in the parakeet house – and I loved it!

Happy Animals!



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