The Twins

While photography comes easy to me, there is always a feeling that goes with every shoot I do, from the moment I meet some one or a group of people, I immediately form the pictures that I want of them in my mind.  How I want to convey spirit and the beauty that is within those people.  Within you.  Because it is there you know.

And sometimes, the way I feel about a shoot isn’t necessarily how you might feel about the shoot.  Such is life, two minds having to collide in order to perfect harmony in art.  And, it’s every so often that you come across special people who touch you in such a way that you wonder about life, you wonder about YOUR life and those lives around you.  I met these sisters, amazing really, who wanted to capture themselves as they are – right at this moment, a memento of themselves so to speak.   But isn’t that all photography?

When I met them, we first sat on this stone wall, in the shade – and my artistic mind was screaming to get out into the sun, somehow.  So I had them trek into this wide open field, where the sun was beaming down on them from behind, creating this beautiful warm feeling.  A feeling that I got when I looked at the two of them.  They loved each other with all their hearts, and to me that equals closing your eyes on a sunny day and turning your face up to catch it’s warmth.

For me, that’s what love is.  It’s looking at that person, whoever it might be, and feeling that warmth, just like the sun, spread through your body, even if it’s just for a second.  Knowing that you can trust them in an unexplainable sort of way.  And that’s what I felt with these gals.

We knew how important this shoot was, I knew how important it was, and I hope that I have conveyed that love through some of these photographs.  I want both of you to know I’m in the cheering section.



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  • Sherry Miller - Hey Meg,

    I know I just wrote you, but I forgot to mention a few things. Your photographs of Terry and I, I will treasure forever. You will never know how much I appreciate the time you took with us to make sure you captured how we feel about each other. That day will forever be one of my favorite days I have spent with Terry. I felt as if we were all alone, and didn’t even notice you were photographing us. I was just enjoying my time with Terry. That is what makes you a great photographer.