The Third – Margot & Her Family

A little while back I made a post about Mary Katherine and said that I would revisit the third person who came into our duo to make it a trio.  Here she is; Margot.

When Margot came into the office our dynamic changed drastically.  Whereas it was usually quiet, it was now boisterous and energetic.  Turns out Margot was a European New Yorker – that had a love for her kids (soccer anyone?) and was pretty vibrant in her speech.

That being said, the three of us quickly learned to adapt and loved being near each other.

While I have photographed Julia tons, I haven’t been able to get my hands on Margot’s three kids.  Until now.  These were supposed to be a surprise for her mum who is overseas going through cancer treatment – but somehow the word got out, so here goes, oh, and before you actually see these – her son got a leaf in his eye – hence the crying one…I just love the photo so I couldn’t resist putting it in here:

You have a beautiful family Margot!


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