The Sweetest Thing

Sometimes I am invited to share special events, and sometimes it’s these events that just make the day seem more romantic, more special than all the days prior.

A few weeks ago Cody told me he was going to get engaged and started planning this elaborate scheme for the proposal.  And when I say elaborate, I mean he went to great lengths to propose.  He mentioned to me that his girlfriend had always wanted her proposal photographed…and asked if I might be interested.

Uh, yes, I was interested!

He had the Fairy Godmother at Barnsley Gardens help set up this scheme and between the two of them they cooked up a marvelous plan that Adrianne (the soon to be fiancee) would not figure out.  In fact, there were several other people who played a key role in this plan – Chane, the “invited” friend who just couldn’t make it to Barnsley for the tour, the Fairy (who weaves her magic just by speaking), the lovely employees at Barnsley Gardens, me (the photographer taking grounds pictures), I mean it just went on and on.

I had been hanging out at the barn, taking pictures of the horses and barn cats – but when they pulled up in their cart, well – it was game on.  By the way, do you have any idea how hard it is to take photographs of people and not look like you are taking photographs?  My camera isn’t small – it’s rather large and camera-like, so I felt like I was going to give the whole gig up.  But it went off without a hitch.

Between the rose petals scattered about the fountain area, Cody’s energetic and nervous excitement, and Adrianne’s happiness when she realized what was happening…well it was just beautiful.

I couldn’t have asked for a better Sunday.  Thanks to you both  🙂




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