The Swan House – A Nestled Treasure in Buckhead

It’s funny  just how “in the city” you can be and yet a block away there sits this treasure of a house.  That’s one of the things I love about the South, Georgia especially – all of these little fantastic places you find yourself on random occasions.

I learned about the Swan House a few months back, when my good friend Burney gave me a book to read – but it wasn’t until my sister Kate suggested we should go see the property that it really caught my eye.  I was surprised to find the house just blocks away from where I used to work next to some high rise buildings.  You couldn’t see the buildings from the Swan House, but I knew they were there just beyond the tree line.

Anyway, this house is spectacular – the lawn is this cascading green field that slopes from the back porch all the way down to the next street over.  I can imagine the types of parties someone might have had there once upon a time.  It really is a sight to behold.  No pictures are allowed inside, but the tour is great – the woodwork is phenomenal (from a woodworker in Cincinnati), and the black and white marble floors are incredible.

What a beautiful house – I’m so glad the Atlanta Historical Society owns and keeps the property on the up and up – it’s really a treasure to find in Buckhead.




Just couldn’t help myself.  Love my shoes….


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