The Stearn Family

To commemorate Hudson’s Christening, I came over to take family photographs of the Stearns and their grandparents while everyone was in town.  I think these turned out so well.  I especially love when Hudson removed himself from the family photograph to come over to me to see what I was doing.  Cheeky kid.

You all are going to have so much fun with these boys.  They are just the most handsome, smart, and funny boys.  I am so very glad you came into my life 🙂


MegThe Stearns 2017-7The Stearns 2017-9The Stearns 2017-23The Stearns 2017-29The Stearns 2017-48The Stearns 2017-71The Stearns 2017-84The Stearns 2017-100The Stearns 2017-108The Stearns 2017-114The Stearns 2017-127The Stearns 2017-137The Stearns 2017-150The Stearns 2017-170The Stearns 2017-223The Stearns 2017-226

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