The Serendipity House

Today, I travelled a bit West to the cute little town of Acworth.  While I’ll be making a post about the town in a separate Around Town & Afar segment, I wanted to talk about the Serendipity House on it’s own.

On the first curve heading into downtown Acworth I noticed this huge, old house situated just slightly off the road.  I knew that I wanted to head there first, but continued a little beyond and parked just inside the town limits.  After grabbing my backpack and putting my camera around my neck I started heading that way, the sun beating down on me as I continued walking.

When I got to the house I noticed that it was actually a shop.  This was exciting for me because it meant that I could go in and see the inside of the house.  And if there is one thing I do love, it’s old architecture.  As I stepped through the screen door and it closed behind me, a little bell attached to the door jingled.  I could hear a two lovely voices in the next room moving towards the sound of the bell.  Standing in the foyer my head turned towards the sounds, I watched as these two ladies came into view, both smiling and welcoming me to the shop.

I introduced myself and we chatted for a while about it being my first time in Acworth.  Edie & Brenda were their names.  I swear they were the friendliest faces I have ever seen.  Edie told me about Lizzie Lemon, the resident ghost in the house, about her story and the story of the house.  Then they let me explore and take pictures.

I swear they had the cutest stuff in this place – just awesome.  I loved every inch of this house and it’s inhabitants.  If you are ever in Acworth, you should stop by – it really is pretty neat!

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