The Revival at the Goat Farm

One of my very favorite places to go in Atlanta is hands down the Goat Farm.  The last time I went it was for a beer and pancake festival.  I think I had chocolate chip pancakes smothered in strawberries, whip cream and syrup.  So delicious!

The other day, I found a flyer for an event the Goat Farm was hosting, called the Revival.  It was a gathering of those vintage style vendors – the sort of thing that is right up my alley.  I dragged my sister Kate with me so she could see why I loved the place.  She loved it too!

Here are some photographs from the event:

Thanks to these vendors for letting me capture some of their wares!!

Lisa Jill Jewelry

Pieces of Me

Little Bird Blue

Grit and Grace

La Casita Home Decor

The Mud Puddle

Pretty in Pink

Carson Bryce Trading Company



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