The MMA, My History, & The New Friend

This might be a little long.  I’m typically full of words and have limited time with the little one, so I’m just going to jump right into it.  When I was a little girl, I dreamed of going to Egypt.  I’ve read about countless books, websites, watched videos, and looked at photographs.  Anything from the Valley of Kings to Anne Rice’s The Mummy (fine it’s fiction, but still…one of my favorite books).  I always wanted to be an archeologist.  Always.  I remember playing in dirt at my parent’s house in California and loving to find things; rocks, bottlecaps, etc., and loving every minute of it.

Fast forward a few years and I’m in my early double digits, I love school and still want to be that archeologist.  And then something happened.  Life.  A son.  And something was forgotten.

A few weeks ago, I started playing this game on my phone (aren’t they all on phones nowadays?).  And I was trying to get bigger, when all of a sudden, seconds from defending, I was hit out of the blue by this fellow who I’m not at liberty to name here by name, but we’ll call him Critter.  He kicked my bum.  Literally.  So I sent him a nice in game mail with a little sarcastic quip at the end, and off we went.  I ended up joining his alliance.  He’s great.  The family alliance is great.

So what do these two things have in common?  It’s so hard to express how to link them.

A couple of years ago, I talked on here about roaming and finding something greater to believe in, someone who made me believe that mountains could be moved by the unlikeliest of people.  And yet somehow, in the past couple of years, the fire that was lit then has slowly been fading.  Is it motherhood?  Perhaps.  Is it because passion fades over time for things.  Probably.  But I’ve had a lot of trouble lately coming to terms with who I now am versus who I was a couple of years ago.  Forget the little girl in the dirt.

We went to NY a couple of weekends ago, it had been planned for a while.  I had made this long list of things to do way before I started playing the game I mentioned above.  The more and more I talked to Critter, the more he convinced me (probably from the things I mentioned in our conversations) to go to a few museums in NY.  Namely the Metropolitan Museum and The Frick Museum.

I was the only one there interested in this sort of thing.  So on that freezing cold Sunday, in NY, I hopped a train by myself and rode to 86th Street in Manhattan.  Headed to the MMA first.  Bought my ticket and went to the right.  And stopped.  And cried.

Because in front of me were sandstones from Egypt.  They were huge, looming towards the ceiling and in every direction there were artifacts.  In that instant, that forgotten little girl was right there.  Why did I ever push her down?  Where was the sense of curiousity I’d found a couple of years ago and slowly left behind?  Was I just going to let myself drown in baby formula and never go experience things again?  Maybe things I’ve always wanted to see, wanted to do?  All of these things swirled around in my head, all at once, and I just had to take a few minutes before I started to explore.

It is weird how things happen.  A bit of Fate and a little nurturing.  How one person can change another and maybe not know how much they’ve done so.  Continues to do so.  So this post is dedicated to Critter (you posh, conceited, funny, amazing friend who I will be taking down at some point in the game – payback).  For giving me back a little piece of myself, one that I think I needed to find again.  FYF.  🙂

Enjoy these photographs from the MMA (I didn’t even get to explore the whole thing since I was on a deadline and just stayed in the Egypt wing for almost the whole time – waiting for people to clear out of rooms and out from in front of things)…




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