The Luster Family

I just want you guys to know that kids can sometimes get a little overwhelmed when they don’t understand what that big huge camera is and why they have to do things they clearly are not wanting to do. If you find yourself in this situation, just realize that sometimes the best pictures aren’t planned, that mom hugs are always needed, that daddy reading time is always appreciated, and in the end, you’ll get some memories to share later with your little one.

Kristina – I love how these turned out. I also love that the two of you understand this little guy and can laugh even when he just wasn’t into the whole taking pictures thing. It’s these kind of pictures that I find to be my favorites. Especially the ones where he is clearly trying to convey to you on the sidewalk his frustration. I happen to love those. hahaha You guys are the best. I can’t wait to meet the sweet little girl coming (that’s totally a guess!)

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