The James River

I recently had a giveaway on my page if someone could guess what an abstract of this first image was – it turned out to be a doozy.  No one was able to get it right.  Which, I think, is the point of an abstract photograph.  But hitchhiking on the back of my other post from Richmond – I wanted to talk about water today, and repeat an earlier post:

There are beautiful things in this world. People, places, things – each are unique and wonderful. But one of the important things about living on this planet is our water sources. We can’t be alive without water.

When I went on this Washington D.C. trip with my sister and friend, we stopped over in Richmond, and ended up at Tredegar Iron Works, a Civil War memorial. They have created this bridge that stretches across the James River and connects to an island on the other side. It was really one of the prettiest places I’ve ever been. You’ll see in these photographs just how great it was, and it was so peaceful!

People were swimming and rope swinging off the train bridge, birds were flocked on the man boulders in the waterway, and people were just enjoying the atmosphere.

And as we edged nearer to the end of one of the bridges, my sister happened to look down and exclaim in dismay how disgusting something was, so of course, I look down, because I’m nosey. And then I take some photographs because, well, that’s what I do.

I asked you guys to guess what that abstract shot was, and I figured it would be hard for any of you to get it right, because it actually looks soft and pretty – almost like velvet. What it is called is water foam, and most water foam is supposed to be white. What happens with pollution though is that it gets very discolored and gross, and becomes scum. And just imagine, the swimmers and the rope swing were about 200 feet or so from this….

You’ll see the guessing photograph and then a panned out version 🙂

If you are in Virginia and want to help out the James River, please visit this page:

If you are in Georgia and want to help out the Hooch, please visit this page:

And if you want to read an article about the James River pollution (albeit slightly older) visit this page:…/article_19193554-c87c-5d56-ae5c-9…

The last photo is a picture of my winner – who will get $25 off her next MPP Portrait Session!! Congrats!

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