The Hamiltons

This family.  I love that I have gotten to see them all born and grow up.  I mean seriously.  It’s funny, because kids go through stages, the 9 month sitting but not crawling (my personal favorite) and I want to smile at you, the 1.5-2 years old where they get a little shy, and then the 3-4 years when they actually enjoy doing what you say.  At least what I say 😛  Of course, this all works on other people’s kids, and not my own 😉

I think the word to describe this family is charming.  I say that sincerely.  When I am with them, there is a calmness that I rarely experience with parents of three.   Perhaps it’s because they know me so well and trust that I’ll get the shots I need, but I’m always floored by the feeling of serenity every time I am near.

That sounds corny, I’ll be the first to admit, but if there was ever a parenting role model to aspire to – it would be these parents.   I included the last picture just so you all know, I always use who I have on shoots to make kiddos smile!

Love to you five!




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  • Lindsey - You are so kind and your words mean so much to us! You are the only reason anyone appears “calm”. You make it so effortless and always get amazing pictures. You manage to capture their little personalities and expressions every time that I cry when I see the end result. Thank you for “getting” us and keeping these memories for us. We love you!!ReplyCancel