The Country

It’s funny how things happen – one minute you are heading to take pictures of a cutie one year old – and the next minute you are getting a workout after you’ve pulled off the side of the road to grab some shots.  All in a day of Meg I suppose.  I’m just that kind of person, the one who stops if I see something I like, something that photographically speaks to me.  It’s weird, I know, there’s probably not many people who stop to “smell” the roses – but I’m different.  Travelling with me would drive the average person bonkers – because I’m always into something, my nose off in the clouds as I run around behind my camera lens.

But here’s what caught my fancy that day – you know here in Atlanta we are surrounded by a bunch of Country – ya, it’s out there.  And there’s some sense of calm when I’m in these areas – a sense of home in a bizarre way – I suppose that comes from being raised in both the city and the country.  I see these things and I think, I’d love to see that forever, that scene – and so I capture it.

Maybe next time you’ll stop and smell the roses 🙂




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