The Carter Center – Atlanta, Georgia

My sister Kate always finds things for us to do.  I find that I am extremely busy most days, which leaves her to do the digging.  I am often slightly jealous that she has adventures without me while I shoot for my clients, but then I remember that I’m on my way to doing this full time – and know that I will still be able to explore 🙂

I just wish I had more time in the day…more time in the week, in the month, in the year…I’m sure you know what I’m talking about – regardless of whatever it is that is YOUR passion.

I’d never heard of the Carter Center, (named after President Jimmy Carter) but sure enough, Kate, with her wisdom, led me astray.  It is a place of hope, a place where peace prevails, and where health is an important thing.  I got some really good shots – as well as my favorite for the month of March, the little boy fishing.  Just makes my heart all melty!!



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