The 12th Annual Travis Roy Foundation Wiffle Ball Tournament

This was my second year travelling to Vermont to capture this extraordinary event that takes place, the Travis Roy Foundation Wiffle Ball Tournament.  This tournament is a heartwarming, full of friends, family, and laughter kind of tournament.  Yes, there is some competition, and yes, it IS a ball game, but this tournament is like no other.  Wiffle ball played like base ball, in fields created by Pat and Beth O’Connor (whom I love, and gave me a place to stay during the tournament), in their back yard.  A tournament that with all of its fundraising participants, created more than $500,000 for those with spinal cord injuries, for grants to help with adaptive equipment, and for research in the hopes that one day, one day soon, there will be another ending to these injuries.  One where people will be able to regain movement in their arms and legs, to be able to have a better quality of life.

To those of you who don’t know what the Travis Roy Foundation does or who Travis Roy is – please click on the links after you read this and check out the photographs.

Last year, I wrote a thank you note as my blog entry, and this year, I think I’m going to keep the tradition.  So here goes.

To Travis – Fine, you might have won the race, but I’m way more clever than you – I’m a girl, and if there’s one thing you should know it’s Girls Rule and Girls Always Win.  You make me laugh, and I like to watch everyone that goes to you, that talks to you.  There is such a genuine love for people in you that I think it’s almost inherent for you.  I know that your struggles are something that many of us wouldn’t ever be able to comprehend, I know that there isn’t a part of you that wouldn’t love to move your legs or have the use of both arms – and I’m hoping that maybe it will be your foundation that creates a breakthrough for you and for everyone else who has an SCI.  I meant when I said about coming up there to Vermont – it will always be that way.  I’m extremely proud of you and what you have done to support the community that became yours back in 1995.  You told me once that the ends of quarters are like Christmas for you – because you and the foundation get to give grants to those in need…and I’m glad to say that I’m a little part of that too.  So thanks.

To Pat & Beth – Once again you are on this list, although this year it’s for putting up with me – for letting me be at the fields with you constantly, for sharing Crepe’s and locking me out of the garage at night (just kidding just kidding).  It’s for making me laugh and telling me your stories – about your crazy bear and other things – it’s for listening to my own stories, and it’s for creating memories that I will personally love for the rest of my existence.  I cannot wait to meet your daughter – I think I will love her very much, if she’s anything like Beth that is…if she takes after Pat…well, you know.  I’m sending you a thank you gift, included will probably be a ton of gag gifts…but all in good fun.  Lots of love to both of you.

To Curse Lifted – HA!  I got a new jersey, it was completely pimp.  So now I’m the proud owner of two – COUNT THAT – two jerseys.  Rock on.  We didn’t do too well this year, but that’s okay, next year the younger guys will be a year older, a year stronger, and we’ll blow the competition out of the water.  Oh ya.  Love to all of you – I’m glad I belong to such a great group of people!!

To the Committee – Wow, just wow – the things you do that people don’t see, I can’t begin to describe it.  All of you deserve medals and trips to Tahiti or somewhere else exotic for an extended period of time.  I think that you all are some of the most brilliant giving people around.  So thank you.

To the Yankees – You remind me of my family here, there is someone that is from NY who has a wicked sarcastic humorous streak – so being around you sometimes makes me feel like I’m home here in Georgia.  I love getting shots of you guys, you darn posers.

To the ball players, fundraisers, spectators, TRF Members – you are AMAZING.  Just amazing.  The only words that I need for you all is “Over $500,000.00”  That says it all.

To my family & friends here (and my one gal in VT and guy in CA) that donated to my fundraising efforts – thank you a million.  I get to go up there and preen and fluff and get green socks and experience this incredible weekend – and you all make it very possible to belong, but more so, you make someone’s life LIVABLE.  And that is something that no one can take away from you.  Ever.  So to all of you who donated to my page, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.

To those of you reading this blog – even if you don’t support this cause, and you should, honestly, seriously…(learn more!!) – find out how you can help out and donate your time to organizations around you.

Enjoy the photographs!  There are some posted on Facebook, but if you’d like to see the FULL GALLERY just click the link  🙂  They are really great.  All monies collected from orders will go towards my 2014 Fundraising efforts.  So spend some money people!  Just don’t resell these photographs or use them for commercial use!

Oh…one more thing – the tournament was on ESPN this year – The Travis Roy Foundation’s Amazing Catch (Thanks to Pack Network)!!  Maybe you saw it!

Get out and move!   🙂




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