Sweet Porter

I just love babies, I mean, I love shooting babies – but I’m not Anne Geddes by a long shot – in fact, I’m not really sure what to do with infants.  I really love kids/babies right as they are lifting their heads, starting to crawl, old enough to totter outside and pick up things like rocks and plants and try to eat them.  But when they are little like this…well I just don’t know what to do with the mushy cute baby-ness they present.

So it’s no surprise that my new resident nephew, here in the Atlanta area, is receiving all of my photographic energy, all of my trial and error.  I’m learning how to handle his little self…which leads me to a dozen of the same picture, but totally different facial expressions that make me laugh when I’m editing them.

I think they are kind of cute…he IS cute.  Anyway, here are the latest shots of Porter…the little gummy bear.  And also, the first family photograph 🙂

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