Sunset Drumming

Recently my sister and nieces moved to Atlanta, so I’ve been busy compiling things to do on the weekends.  It just so happens that I go to the Chattahoochie Nature Center every so often when I’m feeling a bit nostalgic for nature, so I decided to check out their website to see if they had anything going on.

I was going down the list of things to do, when I saw a drumming circle.  Now, I’ve never been to a drumming circle, nor have I ever drummed in my life, but I thought ah well, what the heck…

And dragged my sister and nieces with me 🙂

It was pretty cool – I really liked the smaller wooden instruments that sound like crickets and frogs when played.  I do have to give a big thanks to Rachel Barton (as well as our lead “mother” drummer who I didn’t get her name), as well as Dave Holland at Beatin’ Path Rhythms Events.  We really enjoyed the energy that came from this – I had no IDEA how popular it was – you should have seen some of the equipment!!

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