Sue & the Boys

Two year olds are challenging.  I know, I have one myself.  So double that (yay for twins) and try doing a photoshoot with one amazing mommy named Sue.  You THINK it won’t turn out great because you realize that the whole session was spent with one or the other crying (dang blueberries!).  But when you finally get to editing, well it turns out they are pretty darn good.  And then, when you deliver them to said amazing mommy, who responds with utmost happiness and joy because lo and behold both boys were caught smiling, you can’t help but be tickled 🙂

This is why I love doing what I do.  Because regardless of how your kiddos might be acting the day of your shoot, I generally can get them smiling.  And I can also get those action life shots that you might adore 🙂

And that my friends is what this is all about.


Warmest wishes Sue!  Love you three!


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