Smith Gilbert Gardens – Kennesaw

It was a long morning – after shooting the firetrucks, I was driving home when I passed this sign that read Smith Gilbert Gardens.  Hmmmm, did I stop?  Oh yes.  I mean how could I not??

It’s a pretty big place, with art sculptures around the garden – a lot of it is wooded, however there is a spectacular section of roses on the lawn.  All, or most, have to be some sort of heirloom roses because they smelled so good.  And yes, there were probably 50 types of rose bushes.  And I DID stop to sniff all of them.  Some smelled amazing and some smelled, well…like nothing.

There was a photography class going on on the lawn, but what interested me was the presence of ladies partially clad in beekeeper attire.  Bees?  So I asked, are you beekeepers?  To which they responded that they were taking a class on caring for honey bees.  How interesting.  Later, I did see them working out in the field down the stretch and could see the bees swarming about.  I thought about getting some telephoto shots, but in the end opted to not change the lenses out.

The one thing I loved was the huge area of bonsai trees – there were tons of them – spectacular.  I’m a big bonsai person, I’ve always wanted one, but am afraid the poor thing will die a slow and painful death if left in my hands.

There were also great big koi on the premises…joy!




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