Shepherd Smash – Part Six

I was asked to write a brief column for the Shepherd paper about these guys.  It’s interesting, I write on my blog and have no trouble with words, they just sort of come to me.  When asked to write a four paragraph column on my Smash guys, well it’s hard to put everything I have to say in that little space and make it coherent.  Plus, I’m a bit wordy and always use run on sentences, so editing me is going to be a blast for someone.

Every week I look at my pictures and each week there are always more than a handful that I love.  Today, I met with one of my professors, a mentor if you will, about potentially using some of these images in a contest for an affluent photography magazine.  I was pleased as punch when he said I had strong photographs of these guys, and got a bit of criticism on a few other things – but that’s taken with all the love in the world.  I’m just pleased he liked them enough to say they are absolutely good enough to enter and that we can work together to create a portfolio.  That says more to me than anything else he could have said.  Thanks Perry!

Anyway, here’s two practice’s worth of Shepherd Smash photographs – Love them as much as I do…



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