Shepherd Sharks at the Dixie Games

As you might know, I’m a volunteer at Shepherd – so I’ll squeeze in some photographic opportunities when I am able to.  I’ve been concentrating specifically on the Rugby team, but that season is over, so onto the next adventure I go.

Matt asked me to capture some photographs at the Dixie Games that were being hosted by the Shepherd Center.  I went to the aquatic center in Marietta and captured these images.  Stunning.  I just love them.  I cannot begin to describe the feeling I get when I take pictures like these…if only you could be where I am when I take the picture – but you can’t – so it’s up to me to give you what I see….




This one of a Lakeshore contestant is sneaking in with the others…I just think its awesome!

And here are a couple shots of some fencing!!

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