Savannah, Georgia

It was our first Girl’s Trip – and actually ended up being four girls and one guy – who probably in all honesty won’t go again!  When my sister Kate moved up from Tampa, we decided that we absolutely had to take road trips with each other and my two nieces, Madison and Emily.

Savannah just happened to be our first one – we had a ton of fun.  There are things I love about Savannah – like the way the city is set about in a checker pattern, houses in this square, a garden in this one, businesses in this square, houses in this one…so on and so on.  I’m not sure how many greenery areas there are in between houses, but it just makes the city a lovely place to visit.  Add to that a big park in the middle with overgrown oaks covered in spanish moss – it’s just lovely.  We happened to catch a food fest on Saturday so we got to sample some bread from a local bakery – it was a granny smith and cheese sourdough…yum.

River Street is strewn with cobblestones and the unmistakable air of a river, but it’s prize, I think, is the candy shop…just to die for.  They have fresh pulled taffy and these incredible praline things…

I could live in that shop.



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