Sasha’s Boudoir Session

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As I’ve mentioned before, I have this love of nude photography.  It’s not known to lots of people, but I have talked about it on here once or twice.  That being said, I had my first boudoir shoot the other day.  It went SPENDIDLY!!!  Creatively challenging, my model was just super and funny  (when I got there at 9 AM – she had already had a couple drinks to loosen herself up!)- which made the whole experience better for both of us!  I loved it so much!

In fact, I might have to branch off from this site and create my own Boudoir site once I get a little more business going – so in advance, sorry to anyone who isn’t interested in looking at these photographs, but know that this is the only place for these to go at the moment.

I really feel that these types of photographic shoots are beautiful – people themselves are beautiful.  Sasha, thank you for trusting me to give your beauty a photograph – it’s you and other women like you who embrace themselves and their bodies with all of their perfections and those maybe not quite so perfect parts, who are a little out of the box and brave enough to do this kind of shoot – that lead the example for other women.  And I was so very excited to learn that your favorite photograph was mine   🙂  How cool is that??

So here’s to you – I’ll never forget what you said when you saw them, but that’s not fit for this blog HAHAHA!!

And ladies out there who might be thinking about doing this kind of shoot, ask questions if you want, I’m always here to make new friends and give some info about these shoots!




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