Rugby at Shepherd – Part Four

This week was about speed.  Or at least taking the first steps, playing with lighting, and long shutter speeds.  I have a ways to go, really I do, but I’ll keep trying until I get exactly what I see in my head.  These guys are going to be tired of me before long.

There is this track on the second floor of the gym, it overlooks the gym floor and is a good place for patients to exercise or watch the sports events.  Smash goes up there and runs laps, I’m not sure what the rotation is – fast slow, reversed, etc…all I know is I have to find the perfect place to set up.  Next week I’m going to take higher up shots, since this week I did them from the ground.

My goal is to show how fast they are, how fast they get going.  The first night I was up on the second floor Talbot pretended to run into me and curved off right at the last moment, what he doesn’t know is that I don’t flinch easily.  In fact, I have a horrid reaction time, I get hit in the head all the time with Rogue footballs and nerf balls that fly around at work.  Same thing with come backs – I need at least 30 seconds to think of a good one, and by that time it’s long past when I should have said it to begin with…I think I just blurted one of my secrets.  Sigh.

But enough about my lack of coordination and stinky reaction times.  Here are this weeks Shepherd Smash Rugby team photographs.  This week I learned what a pick was…it’s a chair position to stop your opponent.  I’m going to know everything soon!




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