Rugby at Shepherd – Part Three

I love being with these guys, it’s like breathing confidence and having this balance – a knowing of what I’m doing is right and good.  That these images are going to be loved, that these images will demand a certain respect for each person on the Smash team.  When I bring these home to edit, and I upload them – sometimes I’m astonished to see things that I didn’t realize, and sometimes I have to laugh at expressions or I remember what happened at that exact moment I caught the picture.

It’s knowing how Rob’s face get’s tight when he leans in for the ball or to cross the goal line,  when Zac gets this evil grin on his face as he’s chasing down a loose ball or going to hit someone, the way Duane gets this look of concentration when he’s getting ready to take you down.  There are random things I could list for each person on the team – I’m just starting to really get into the groove and notice everything.  Not that I don’t notice it anyway – I take note of everything around me, big or small, but capturing it is something else entirely.

Here are the images from last week…



Say Cheese!!  Me annoying Zac mid weight lift…

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