Ronan’s Cake Smash

Here is one of the cutest kids I’ve photographed this year…I swear this kiddo is a character.  He didn’t really want anything to do with his cake, but clean the plate off and give him some blueberries and sprinkles – well he was just the happiest kid on the planet.  Actually he was happy the whole time except for the one picture I snapped of him (and have included, just because it’s cute) when he got his leg in the cake frosting hahaha….

He had the biggest blue eyes and the widest smile.  His mommy had a few tricks up her sleeve, including saying the name of one Hollywood actor – to which Ronan would giggle hysterically.

It was adorable.  So on the lawn outside of their house, we set up camp in the sunshine and he got to show us who Mr. Ronan is  🙂  I love him!



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