Red Riding Hood

It’s not often that I get to play with fairytales, but I’ve been thinking about this one for a long time.  This is only the first part, and I love how it’s turned out so far.  Just have to wait for the leaves to get back on the trees to go back out for parts two and three.

I found the fabric for the cape a long time ago, I did some sewing and it turned out perfect.  It’s so weird to see it hanging in my closet.  Oh the other things I can put it to use with…  🙂

I have to give a special thanks to Emily (my Riding Hood) and Chris (my Wolf) – although the chase scene has to be redone simply because the giggles happened  🙂  Love you both.  Mwah.

Here’s to fairy tales, happy endings, and all the bits in between.



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