Recollections of An Old Friend

I love old classic cars.

A few years ago, this wonderful guy named Chic allowed me to come to his house to photograph his car collection.   I stayed there for a while, talking to him about his cars, what makes/models/years and his extensive collection of old firetrucks.  Needless to say, I fell in love with these pieces of history. 

At the time he was starting to work on an old taxi (I’ll have to locate those pictures) – one of those old British ones that had made it’s way across the ocean.  It was in a deplorable state, rusted and broken glass…just a frame really with some side panels.  But photographically gorgeous – it still is one of my very favorite series of car pictures. 

After a year or so of working on the car, Chic passed away.  I never got to see the finished taxi before it was sold.

It’s been six months since he passed, leaving his lovely wife Annabell to carry on.  You are missed Chic – I loved talking to you every time you called, and will always have you to thank for my continued interest in old cars.  Here are some photographs from the first couple times we met:

Here’s to you Chic.



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