Project Rollway 2013

Thanks to my volunteer efforts at Shepherd, I’m able to capture some pretty neat things.  Project Rollway 2013 was just one of those events that simply made my life better.  Sarah, who works at Shepherd in the children’s ward, asked me to come help out with some photographic stuff – and I was pleased as punch to do so.

You see, I simply cannot imagine not having the use of my legs, not being able to bend down or walk, run, jump, kick the fall leaves, you name it.  I also can’t imagine having to use my breath to move forward or backwards – to have to adapt to not being on your own two feet, being normal.  Wait, scratch that, I simply cannot say normal in describing what we do, those of us who walk, because that isn’t the word to use – how does someone quanitify the word normal?   We are all normal, some of us just struggle to be accepted as such.  Just because you see a chair and you don’t know what to do – all you have to do is say hello.  Imagine everyone looking past you everyday, being taller than you, etc.  It’s not easy.  Double that with a dose of being a teenager or child confined to a chair and well, I’m sure you can imagine how hard it might be.

When I try to explain on this blog how much my volunteering means to me I always feel like I come up short.  I want you to feel what I feel – and I’m never sure how that comes across.

This project/event brought to light the capabilities that even kids have when they are in chairs.  They are fantastic.

So when the lights dimmed and I saw this beautiful girl come down the runway, her smile lighting up the room, the cat calls and whooping from the crowd, the loud applause as she rolled down the runway, the tears just started coming down behind my camera.  And if you know anything, it’s darn hard to take a picture when you aren’t able to see through the viewfinder.  With every push I just got this painful burst in my heart.  For one of the first times in my life I just put down the camera, and joined in with the crowd.

Even now I’m tearing up.




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