Playing with My Food – Part Four

Yup – I’m back, playing with my food again.  Except this time there’s a bonus.  See, I was trying to figure out what in the world to do with this one wall in the kitchen – and then it dawned on me…I’m a photographer.

Yes you heard that right – I am a Photographer.  It’s simply amazing the things I learn from day to day.  I can create my own art!

So I went food shopping and got some absolutely fabulous shots to put on my wall – all done as artistic black and white prints, although you’ll see a few scattered color prints throughout this post.

Then, I had this great idea – I love my photographs so much, why not put them for sale on Etsy, my favorite hand crafted, all around, artistic place to go – the place for such things to be sold.  So I opened my shop – I’m so EXCITED!!  Come Visit ME!




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