Pearson Farms – A Little Bit of Georgia Heaven

I know I’ve posted about Mary Katherine & Julia, but what I haven’t posted about is the family farm.  The Pearson family is a family with a deep love and affection for farming.  They are known especially for those sweet Georgia peaches we all love and crave during the summer months.

They also provide peaches, pecans and onions to tons of grocery stores.  Typically, if I am looking for peaches at my local Publix or Kroger, I’ll check for Georgia Fuzzies or anything with the Pearson farm sticker.  Because I know the Pearson family personally, I know that when I buy their produce I’m getting the finest quality there is…so when I see it, I buy it.

For years I’ve been meaning to go down to the farm, but it’s a little bit of a trek down there – so most of the time I miss the packing season and end up just having to get them from the grocery.  This year I decided to make it a priority to go.

And I’m glad I did.  Not only did I get fresh from the farm peaches and pecans, but a gallery of photographs that I just had to share with you.

Thanks to Lawton, Al, and Mary Pearson for these beautiful shots – for allowing me access to these orchards.  Thanks to Danielle, the wonderful person who greeted and helped us at the pack house – that peach ice cream was to die for!

Please check out Pearson farms if you can – go down there, or if you are out of state, order from their online store…

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